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A functional model, decision support system, and community resource library for the higher education institution

If you are new to SCM or need further information

Please visit the About Sentient Concept Map and help resources section for an overview and access to lots of helpful guides.

Accessing and downloading SCM

SCM may be viewed as a web site or in its client application TheBrain.  The client provides a much richer user experience and is required for any authoring or modifications to a concept map. TheBrain application may be downloaded and used for free by most users. It is available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.  You can sign up to download the Sentient concept map for viewing within the client at the HELLO Community site.

By using this product you accept the following copyright and licensing conditions

Sentient is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License with the following additional specifications/restrictions:

  • Users are encouraged to modify and adapt this system for local use but may only share changes outside of the institution by contributing them to the Sentient Project and by distribution through the HELLO Community site
  • The following may not be changed in local implementations or other uses:
    • This note and the [Sentient] home thought may not be removed or relocated. It must remain as the root of the map. It can be renamed to Sentient-Institution name.
    • The Sentient background image may not be removed or modified and must appear in every thought.
    • Thoughts linking to the HELLO Community site may not be removed, relocated, or modified. 
    • The [About Sentient and help resources] section and the thoughts it contains may not be removed, relocated, or modified and must remain connected to the [Sentient] home thought.
  • No one may derive monetary gain beyond reimbursement of expenses from presentations, workshops, or consultations relating to Sentient, without the express written permission of the author.

Embedded surveys and other commercial content.

Sentient includes the contents of many commercial surveys and other metric sets.  These are the property of their identified providers who hold their copyright. They may therefore only be used under their conditions which may  require a fee.  They are provided within Sentient solely so users may gauge the utility of these products and as a part of the metric adoption decision making process. 

Contributed content

Contributors accept that content submitted may become a part of the Sentient Project and as a result will be freely and openly distributed under the above licensing conditions. 

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