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About Metta Zetty

I am the curator of the DiscoveryNow library, and the facilitator of the Discovery Dialogues.

My understanding of the nature of Reality and the experience of being human has been profoundly changed by 2 significant discoveries which, along with the resulting insights, have served as the inspiration and foundation for:

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About Metta's Name

People are often curious about my name, and they occasionally wonder if I took my name as part of a religious initiation. However, that is not the case.

  • "Zetty" is my Pennsylvania Dutch surname, and
  • I inherited my given name "Metta" from my German maternal grandmother.

It was only when studying Asian Religions in college years later that I discovered "metta" means loving kindness in the Southeast Asian language of Pali ~ and it is one of the primary 12 Buddhist virtues.

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