First Signal - Closer to the Edge album
#2 Stars
  • Harry Hess and Daniel Flores are the mainstays of this Frontiers project band

  • Despite naming my website after them, I have to admit that my interest in Harem Scarem has waned somewhat over the years, with recent albums being rehashes of past glories and not really bringing anything new to the table

  • I would far rather Hess concentrated on Harem Scarem with Pete Lesperance, rather than get distracted with this side project

  • To be fair the original First Signal was created with Dennis Ward whilst Harem Scarem were, I think, on hiatus. It was a decent affair harking back to the more AOR roots of Harem Scarem's first album.

  • Follow up First Signal albums have replaced Dennis Ward with Daniel Flores who features on quite a few Frontiers albums. Both were decent enough, if not particularly memorable albums.

  • This again features Hess & Flores, with different additional musicians.

  • Doesn't sound that different than the previous couple of albums and whilst a pleasant enough listen, don't think there is anything here to make me want to listen more than a couple of times

  • Rating 2/5 stars, rating might be higher if the previous albums didn't exist, but not much reason to purchase this if you already have the previous albums. In fact, anything beyond the debut isn't really a necessary addition to your collection
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