How can I use DiscoveryNow?
FAQ #3
January 2023 New
March 2023 Updates

DIY Guide & Resource Library

DiscoveryNow can be used as a starting point for initiating your own journey of discovery and exploration

It also serves as the resource and reference library for individuals participating in the Thrive Retraining program and the Discovery Dialogues with Metta Zetty.

DIY Guide: You can simply follow your curiosity and create your own path of discovery by using:

The best place to begin is by reviewing the following thoughts:

You can also wander hands-free throughout the entire library, which is a great way to reveal a random sampling of resources included in this growing digital garden.

Resource Library:  You can also use DiscoveryNow as a resource and reference library when participating in the Discovery Dialogues with Metta.

Learn more about:


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