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January 2023 New
March 2023 Updates


  • Right-click on the adjacent plex to begin wandering
  • Left-click on the plex to stop wandering

More details about the wander process are provided below.

Wander is a special feature in TheBrain that allows you to randomly navigate hands-free through the entire network of content within the DiscoveryNow library including:

How to Wander

Tip: Be sure to enlarge your browser window into FULL view before you begin wandering.

  • Right-click on the colored background of the adjacent navigation screen from anywhere within DiscoveryNow. The "Wander" option will be located in a small context menu.
    • Note: Your browser may ask for permission to use this feature. However, this access can be limited to your current browsing session, and it will not affect your default browser settings in any other way.
  • As soon as you select the "Wander" command, it will activate a hands-free, random preview of all the resources in the DiscoveryNow library. 
  • When you want to stop wandering, simply left-click on the background of the adjacent screen.
    • To return to this page, select "Pins" in the top toolbar, and then select "Wander".
    • To return home, simply click on DiscoveryNow in the upper left corner of the top toolbar.

Wandering Hints & Tips

  • The most interesting and revealing wandering experiences usually occur when you initiate the wander process from any of the more dense content areas in DiscoveryNow ~ for example:
  • If you ever find yourself in a small content area where the wander process seems to be circulating through the same few thoughts, simply stop wandering, move to another different area of the library, and then begin wandering again.
  • If the wandering process moves beyond a thought you wanted to review, you can probably find this thought in your recent history. In addition, you will probably be able to jump directly to this thought using the search feature, if you can remember any of the words in the thought name.
  • Exploring the various display options within the library will also allow you to adjust TheBrain layout and enhance your wandering experience.

Note: When you are wandering, and you encounter thoughts without any icons, these thoughts are placeholders for content that will be coming soon. However, many of these yet-to-be developed thoughts may already be linked in the library network to a variety of existing resources.

Wandering Benefits

  • Wandering is a great way to find and explore areas within the library you may have not yet discovered. Best of all, each time you initiate the wander process, you will randomly travel a new path through DiscoveryNow.
  • Wandering can also be used as a starting point for reflection, journaling or meditation. Simply initiate the wander process from anywhere within DiscoveryNow. Then, when you find a topic (or an image or a video) that is especially relevant or appropriate for you right now, you can use it as a focal point for deeper inquiry, reflection and journaling.
  • Wandering may also be helpful when gathering ideas for customizing your own personal approach to neural retraining.


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