Insight Mentoring with Metta
Explore Identity & The Nature of Reality
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Explore the nature of reality and your own innate identity as pure, natural awareness.

"Be it life or death, we seek only reality."

~ Henry David Thoreau

"When the student is ready, the teacher disappears -- and only Reality remains."

~ Metta Zetty

"Insight Mentoring is an opportunity to begin unraveling our confusions."

~ Metta Zetty

The Insight Mentoring process provides a unique opportunity to:

Based on Metta's extraordinary experience of spontaneous awakening into Awareness,  the Insight Mentoring process is a strategy for dismantling the cycle of restless seeking which keeps us from recognizing the inherent completeness of Reality within the present moment.  


By sharing the mirror of your experience with Metta in a gentle process of open inquiry, reflection and dialogue, you are invited into a natural recognition of your own essential nature as it manifests in this moment.

It is this insight that lies at the heart of the "Open Secret": 

"Reality, exactly as it manifests in the present moment, within our own innate Natural Awareness, is none other than THAT which we have been seeking." ~ Metta Zetty

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