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Tips for Getting Started

DiscoveryNow is a growing collection of resources curated and shared within a dynamic and interactive interface called TheBrain. The following hints and tips provide a quick introduction to using, and navigating within, this resource library.

Overview | Summary

  • DiscoveryNow's "brain" display is best viewed in a full screen browser window
  • Nodes in the adjacent screen are called "thoughts"; the colored background is called the "plex"
  • Each thought in the plex corresponds with the text in this adjacent note panel
  • Each thought can also be shared using the arrow button in the upper right corner of this note
  • You can also right-click on any thought in the plex to open it in a new tab/window or copy the thought URL
  • In addition, you can right-click on the plex to wander hands-free throughout the entire library ~ or switch to a clean, full-screen presentation mode

Additional features are also available on the top toolbar:

For those who are interested, additional details about each of these library features have been provided below.

Optimal Library Display

The DiscoveryNow library is best viewed on a large screen with the display fully maximized. Be sure to open your browser window into full view for better visibility and easier access to all of the content and resources in the adjacent navigation screen.

In addition, the library is best viewed with a "light" browser setting since a "dark" setting will distort the display of this notes panel.

Plex, Thoughts and Labels

The adjacent navigation screen is called the "plex", and each node within this screen is called a "thought".

Each thought also includes a label which provides additional descriptive information. You can view each of these labels (which are hidden by default) by clicking once on the plex background, and then hovering your mouse over each of the thoughts in the plex.

The "active" thought is located in the center of the plex and corresponds with the notes area adjacent to the plex, where this text is located.

Dynamic Navigation

Each of the thoughts in the plex is a clickable link that will take you to a new thought (topic) within the library. 

When you click on any inactive thought in the navigation screen, this thought will immediately become "active" and move to the center of the plex, at which point:

  • new content, corresponding with the new active thought, will display in this notes panel,
  • a new set of linked thoughts will display in the plex and
  • a new URL will display in the browser, which can easily be copied and shared with others.

Navigation Tips

  • You can always use the back button in your browser, or the "Recent Thoughts" list that appears when you click inside the search box on the toolbar, to track your recent navigation history.
  • For your convenience, recently accessed thoughts also display in italics in the plex.
  • You can also right-click on the plex to wander hands-free throughout the entire library.
  • Note: When you refresh your browser window, your recent navigation history will be cleared.

Pins, Types and Tags

  • Pins located on the top toolbar allow you to quickly and easily access each of the main content areas within the library.
  • Types are an administrative feature used to organize and customize the display of thoughts in the plex.
  • Tags are shortcuts for accessing:

Sharing Thoughts | Opening New Tabs & Windows

You can easily share links to individual thoughts with others by using the "Share" icon in the upper right corner of this note panel.

Alternatively, you can also right-click on any thought in the adjacent navigation screen (or in the side menu, if the plex is hidden), and select "Copy Web Thought URL".

For your convenience, you can also use this same context menu to open thoughts in a new tab or a new window, while you are exploring the library.

Synced Updates

If you occasionally see the plex flash slightly, or the notes suddenly change while you are exploring DiscoveryNow, this simply means I'm working in the library, and I just synced to upload to new and/or updated content!

Please note this sync will not interfere with your viewing experience or your navigation history.

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