Wisdom Course

5/17/2020, 11:06:52 PM

*It's taken a good decade to get to a place where I can start filling in my online brain like a wiki.   I ran with [[Wikispaces]] until they shuttered their doors in January 2018 and now starting to pick up the pieces now that I own an [[iPad Pro]] and have a sustainable means to fill out it's pages and share my life with y'all in a way that isn't just a blog like [[LiveJournal]] (which fulfilled it's purpose in primarily being a travel journal)


The Wisdom Course is a 9-month course where my first assignment was to create an [[Autobiography]].   I don't know what it is, but I resisted the idea of using an photo album and filling each page with photos, events, and people from my life one year at a time.   Then a flash of lightning hit me - I had been introduced about a decade earlier ([[1999]]) to a [[platform]] called [[TheBrain]] and I felt that if I started my autobiography in this system, I'd not only have fun organizing it, it would be expandable (though I admittedly don't know if I really saw this) - the point is, playing with [[technology]] transforms things that seem like chore into something possible.   The idea of not lugging around a huge autobiography with me and being able to share it online with all my friends and family felt like the right thing to do.

Now this assignment is not just about an "autobiography" in the most traditional sense.  This autobiography is a structure to sort the "young conversations" in my life that show up in my life as an adult.   Things like [[You Took What's Mine]] is something that may impact how I trust you and other people and in reality, it is rooted to when things were stolen from me when I was [[Age 8]].   The funny thing about being human, is these conversations don't disappear - and it's really up to me to notice when these thoughts come up when I'm [[Age 46]] and let them go!

This is such a rich assignment that still has value in my life 10 years after completing it and I love just tracking key milestones and happenings and people I meet in my life here.  I figure it will be very helpful as I get older and will make for rich stories to write as I look back and connect the dots!

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