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Welcome to my book-in-progress!

I’m attracted to models. Not the ones on magazine covers, but the ones in our heads. What is thinking, and learning? How does memory and creativity work? What makes a game a game, or a story a story? 

After about 30 years of following my curiosity, of reading and listening and thinking and learning, I think I have figured out the question I was trying to answer... 

Are there simple universal structures that underpin the endless ways we think and express ourselves?

I think the answer is yes. 

This is my attempt to prove it. I could be wrong, but I’m excited that I could be right. The only way to know is to explain what I think are the essential elements of a few important models we all use (whether we realize it or not), and see if people agree. 

My vision for this is a combination of a website, an online book, and a wiki. I plan to write the main pages week by week over the coming year. With any luck, this personal passion project will then keep me happily thinking for many more years. I want to continue to test and fine-tune the ideas, and discuss them with others who find them interesting as well. 

Figuring this framework out for myself has had a profound impact on how I see the world, and my fellow human beings. I believe that nested inside the vast and valuable diversity of billions of individuals, we have more in common than we realize. I think our bright future depends on appreciating both our diversity and our commonality. I look forward to seeing if that idea resonates with you too. 

Thanks for being You

Scott Moehring

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