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Scientists started characterizing climate change as a potential societal risk more than 60 years ago, and declared climate change to “have arrived” more than 30 years ago. That’s when national and international efforts to tackle the problem really got underway. 

But those efforts have not visibly impacted global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or average global temperature trends.   


Today, scientists are no longer asking “is climate change happening?,” or “are human activities responsible?,” but, “how fast will it happen?,” and “when will dangerous tipping points be triggered?”  A low carbon transition IS underway, but it’s not happening nearly fast enough.

Why are we where we are today, and how can we accelerate progress towards a low-carbon transition? The Climatographers have been spent three decades working on climate change, and more than 25,000 hours building the Climate Web to curate knowledge around these two questions.

The questions are complicated. Dangerous climate change isn’t attributable to any single factor. Societal decision-making around climate change has been fundamentally challenged by the characteristics of climate change, by human psychology, by self-interest and misinformation, and by political and cultural polarization. 


 But the Climate Web can help you make sense of it all. Today it is the closest thing to a collective intelligence for climate change sense-making and for accessing actionable climate knowledge.  

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