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It’s almost impossible to track even the most important or current climate-related conversations. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a climate change “Hot Topics Dashboard?” The Climate Web has one.

Each Hot Topic listed below (and in the Contents page at left) is represented by a Premium Access page in the Climate Web to which we add new papers, news stories, opinion pieces, and expert topical commentary from places like LinkedIn. This Ebook is new, so there may not be a huge amount of content for each page just yet.  

With new content being added at the top of each Hot Topic page, you can quickly see “what’s new,” for that topic. You can use the included links to access resources inside and outside the Climate Web, and dive deeper into the topic in the Climate Web.

The list of Hot Topics is dynamic, currently including: 

  • Counter-attack on climate change
  • Greenwashing/ESG/disclosure litigation
  • The future of GHG accounting
  • Carbon offset integrity
  • Financing biodiversity and natural capital 
  • ESG effectiveness
  • Climate change tipping points
  • Low carbon transition progress
  • Climate activism
  • The social cost of carbon
  • Integrity of corporate commitments 
  • Climate Tech
  • Hydrogen in the a low-carbon transition
  • Electrifying everything
  • Peak fossil fuels and stranded assets
  • Alternative economic frameworks 

We’ve made a couple of Hot Topics pages open-access so you can see what they are. Full access to the Dashboard is available to Premium Access Subscribers

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