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Intellectual Property in the Premium Access Climate Web
Actionable Knowledge

The goal of the Climate Web is to support evidence-based climate change decision-making, building on the insights of both Carla O'Dell and Woodrow Wilson (below) as applied to the body of climate information and knowledge. 

The Climate Web organizes a massive amount of information to that end. The information is available on an open-access basis to anyone with an internet connection. The exception is documents that are not publicly available, e.g. journal articles. Such materials are generally indicated in the Climate Web by an "$$" at the end of a thought. Users won’t be able to access them, but you may see materials the Climatographers have extracted from them on a “fair use" basis. Any extracted materials link back to the primary source in the Climate Web for easy reference and attribution.

A key reason we provide access to copies of publicly available PDFs is that the links to such documents "go bad" so quickly, and far more often than links to news stories. When it comes to news stories, we provide the URL through which to access the original story, rather than downloading the story.  


If you come across anything in the Climate Web that concerns you with respect to your intellectual property, please let us know so we can remove or resolve the problem. The same applies to any information you might consider confidential or otherwise inappropriate.

The Climatographers claim no ownership of intellectual property in the Climate Web, with the exception of our own publications and the ways we've organized the Climate Web to make “actionable knowledge” more accessible for climate change decision-making.

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