Premium Access Climate Web
How Can I Personalize the Premium Access Climate Web?
Actionable Knowledge

There are a number of ways that the Climatographers can help you customize your access to the Climate Web. Personalized Access can involve use of a Tag (with its own unique URL) to create a customized Dashboard, or it can involve the use of this Notes Field to organize a series of topics and thoughts (see the example below for a university climate course. 

Your Personal Dashboard

The screenshot below illustrates a simple personalized Dashboard. Accessing the Climate Web via the Dashboard’s unique URL will deliver you to your own personal front door to the Climate Web. You won't need to navigate your way to each of those spots every time you visit the Climate Web -- they’ll be right there for you when you enter. This is a relatively simple example; many more links could be provided in your personalized access Doorway. 


Personalized Access is a benefit of subscribing to Premium Access.

The Climate Web can be personalized for any level of complexity, for any topic, and Custom Dashboard can be public access or private. 

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