Individual People
Broekhoff, Derik


hard to answer your questions, maybe because i’m still wrapped up in carbon markets (which face their own uncertain future). ecofys is doing some interesting work compiling data and tracking progress on national pledges around the world (wri is doing something similar). maybe there are analogs at the corporate level? the gaps between action and pledges, and between pledges and what we really need to do, are frighteningly wide. we have 38 years to get to 80%, less time now than i’ve been alive. it’s hard to do (especially given the % of people in this country that refuse to even accept the idea of agw, though maybe that’s changing), but we need better ways to convey the choices and tradeoffs we face between mitigation & adaptation and their associated costs – translated, if possible, down to the micro level. and incorporate the message that this isn’t a “guns and butter” tradeoff that each successive generation can recalibrate according to their preferences (a false premise that i think underlies the arguments of lomborg et al. who say that future generations will be better off if we focus on curing disease and alleviating poverty) – future generations will be stuck with elevated co2 essentially forever.


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