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Extracted Materials
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The Climatographers go through important new studies and other materials to extract key ideas and graphics to organize in the Climate Web based on the "fair use" principle of copyright law. See our Intellectual Property in the Climate Web

Extracted Materials from books, reports, PPTs, news stories, and videos are organized under "E - " extracted materials headings. Extracted materials collections can be very interesting in their own right, allowing users to review, for example, graphics and ideas relevant to carbon pricing that are normally buried deep in books and reports. 


In some cases we’ll spend hours or even days going through a key book or report. Extracted ideas and graphics always remain physically linked to their original source for easy access, and can include subcategories of “arguments,” “impacts,” “dates,” “numbers” and more. Here’s a screenshot example covering: 

The real power of TheBrain software, however, is that we can slice and dice all the extracted information fit-for-purpose actionable climate knowledge collections

Extracted materials like those from Lynas’ book are organized under Extracted Materials Headings, as well as showing up in Dashboards. 

Extracted Materials Specifics

  • Graphics show up first (in purple), ideas show up second (tan).  Graphics are (or are in the process of being) dated so that you can access the most recent topical graphics first. Ideas aren't as time-specific, so are not dated. 

  • Idea and Graphic thoughts are always physically linked back to their original source in the Climate Web. That means that when you find an interesting graphic or idea, you can instantly jump to its source and explore other materials that might be organized there.   

  • The highest and best use of extracted materials is in Topical Dashboards.  

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