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150,000 Knowledge Building Blocks?
For Actionable Climate Knowledge


LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse the Climate Web. We use the word LEGO to help visualize information building blocks fitting together to deliver actionable climate knowledge.

What could you build with 150,000 climate LEGO blocks? As you can see in the compilation just above, quite a bit! But would the result help you advance your climate change goals? Probably not. But what if we thought about LEGO blocks differently, e.g. as information building blocks that can be combined into actionable climate knowledge “kits” meeting the needs of a wide range of individuals and audiences?

That’s the goal of the Climate Web, which today reflects more than 25,000 hours of climate knowledge curation, resulting in more than 150,000 information building blocks and 500,000 organizing links. What kinds of building blocks?  

  • 30,000 news stories and blogs
  • 15,000 books, reports, journal articles, and PPTs
  • 10,000 graphics, ideas, dates, and arguments extracted from other sources 
  • 5,000 topical headings
  • 5,000 websites and web pages
  • 3,500 Index Entries
  • 3,000 videos
  • 2,000 quotes, cartoons, and infographics
  • 1,000 Quora answers
  • Hundreds of social media channels
  • And a lot more

Any number of these building blocks can be organized into actionable climate knowledge kits. Like LEGO kits, such kits can be simple or complicated, and include: 

  • One-page mini-courses on almost any climate topic
  • Climate time lines
  • Recommended reading lists 
  • Topical libraries
  • Summaries of books and reports
  • Recommended videos and podcasts 
  • Great websites 
  • Great social media pages and channels
  • The forecasted impacts of 3o of climate warming
  • The best Quora Q&A pages for exploring a particular question
  • The best web portals for teaching K-12 climate change

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