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The Climate Web organizes all kinds of climate-relevant materials. "S - " sources headings topically organize books, reports, journal articles, Powerpoints, and more. Hundreds of Sources Headings like the one shown in the screenshot below organize more than 25,000 such resources.  

When it comes to individual sources, the Climatographers may have extracted key graphics and ideas, and then integrated them throughout the Climate Web

The report shown in the screenshot just above, can be accessed here in the Climate Web:

Sources Details

  • Sources are listed as: Year Primary Author_Title. That's how you would search for a particular source. Sources are organized by year in the Climate Web.


  • Publicly available sources are included as PDFs or external links. We're moving more and more sources to the cloud to manage the size of the Climate Web.

  • Sources that sit behind paywalls are indicated by an "$$" at the end of a thought. We try to provide a link allowing you to access the first page of the source (often using the DeepDyve service). Note that the journals available through DeepDyve can change over time, so some links may not work.  

  • If we've extracted materials from a source you'll see them attached as "child thoughts" to the source. You can tell that child thoughts exist by the filled in small green circle below the thought.   

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