Neural Retraining with Metta
Focus: Neuroplasticity & Transformation

About Neural Retraining

The process of Neural Retraining with Metta Zetty focuses on:

  • discovering the power of neuroplasticity, i.e., the brain's innate capacity to change itself and
  • experientially exploring the ways in which self-directed and customized neural retraining can be used to transform our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience.

Metta's Approach to Neural Retraining

Metta's flexible and creative approach to neural retraining is based on fundamental principles of neuroplasticity that facilitated her dramatic 5-day recovery from more than a decade of complex and debilitating environmental illness.

Additional support resources for creating and customizing your own personal approach to neural retraining will soon be available in the recently updated Thrive Neural Retraining Program.

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Benefits of Metta's Approach

One of the unique benefits of Metta's approach to neural retraining is that her dialogue sessions provide an opportunity to explore some of the spiritual dimensions of being that relate to our understanding of Reality and our fundamental sense of identity

Exploring these broader aspects of the human experience can help immensely in enhancing our understanding of the relationship between body, mind and emotions, thereby deepening the effectiveness of the neural retraining process.

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What People Are Saying About Working with Metta

It has been less than a month now since I first learned about your recovery, and I think I am already HEALED! Now I'm going around sniffing things that used to trash me, and I am not reacting!!!!!!!!!!!  WHOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . My heartfelt thanks to you, Metta, for everything you've shared.  You have made a HUGE difference in my life, and I am so grateful!!!! ~ K.K.

I love your take on brain retraining - - more than Hopper's and Gupta's. Your emotional and spiritual gentleness and wisdom, and your healing way of communicating, are so special. ~ S.B.

I have been coaching with Metta, and I find her to be incredibly intuitive and empathetic. I feel that her understanding of emotional root causes behind a lot of these issues is a relief after having to repress what I was feeling while in another program. She is incredibly knowledgeable and articulate, and her compassionate nature is a gift to all! ~ A.C.

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