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Discovery Dialogues

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About Discovery Dialogues

Discovery Dialogues are live online mentoring sessions with Metta Zetty. These sessions are based on integrated insights from 2 significant discoveries that profoundly changed Metta's understanding of the nature of Reality and the experience of being human.

The dialogues utilize an "open focus" that integrates the following experiential processes of self-inquiry, reflection and discovery:

Dialogue Explorations

The self-directed and open focus of the Discovery Dialogue process allows participants to explore any of the following aspects of our experience:

  • Awareness, Attention and Mindfulness
  • Self-Inquiry and Existential Reflection
  • Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion
  • Growth Mindset and Learned Optimism
  • Troubling Thoughts and Emotions including:
    • Challenges Coping with Uncertainty
    • Anxiety and Worry; Fear and Regret
    • Chronic Stress and Overwhelm
    • Trauma and Trauma Recovery
  • Central Nervous System Regulation and Resilience
  • Self-Directed Neural Retraining
  • Spiritually Transformative Experiences including:
    • Near-Death Experiences
    • Experiences of Spiritual Emergence
  • Death, Dying and End-of-Life Support
  • Compassion Fatigue in Helping Professions

Dialogue Options

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Group Dialogues will be available soon. < Learn More

Dialogue Library

Explore.DiscoveryNow.net serves as the resource and reference library for the individuals and groups participating in dialogue sessions with Metta. Learn more now about this new version of the DiscoveryNow library.

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