Insight Mentoring with Metta
Focus: Reality & Identity

About Insight Mentoring

The process of Insight Mentoring with Metta Zetty focuses on exploring:

  • the fundamental and essential nature of Reality and
  • our own innate identity as Awareness, which is ultimately inseparable from Reality itself.

Insight Mentoring is based on experiential insights arising from Metta's spontaneous experience of Awakening into Awareness: 

What Others Are Saying About Working with Metta

Your enthusiasm is contagious and operates as a teaching vehicle in its own right.  It literally transmits expansive spiritual energy . . . . This ability is a highly useful teaching and transforming tool that only some teachers seem to have. ~ D.T.

This exploration is void "therapy" from beyond the contracted self . . . . Extraordinary Metta, your competence and energy are amazing.  Thank you again for helping me to re-enter that spaciousness and ordinariness that I had almost given up on.  ~ R.P.

You are communicating from the Openness, with warmth and caring. You are doing great work, reaching people and sharing with them the experience of edgeless being.  ~ Richard Lang, The Headless Way

The meaning of "metta" is "loving kindness". You are that. ~ E.T.

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